What is the Nation of Odin?

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What is the Nation of Odin…

or what I call Odinia?

It is a dream that is just beginning..

One that I hope shall soon take

solid form and reality.

The Nation of Odin

It is the idea that European people all over the word are a united people regardless of nationality. Odinia is a nation without borders composed of blood, rather than nationality. It is recognition that loyalty to one’s tribe, race and people should come first, before considerations of nationality.
Putting one’s own people first and protecting one’s own culture is natural and good and a right that has been afforded to all other races without any censure. We also need to claim this right. In fact, it is essential to our survival. We are only 7 percent worldwide.
We believe that the idea of worshipping a foreign, alien God with false values is not only unnatural and an impediment to our progress, but potentially very harmful as well. The Dark Ages were named so for a reason.
Supporting, protecting and loving one’s one race and tradition is positive and an act of love, not hate. In fact, if could be argued that preferring to mix with others, especially when our own race is so close to extinction, is actually an act that shows a hatred of our own people, race, culture and history.. and of everything we are, have been and could be. When this is done in order to fit in, or get a job, or to be considered fashionable by the sick, shallow society of today, this makes it even worse.

Ancient Royal Sleighs

Golden Sleigh at SchloB Nymphenburg

One of a collection of *wonderful* sleighs at SchloB Nymphenburg…A naked golden mermaid- nymph rises above the prow of the sled like the figurehead of a ship at sea. She holds lamps to light the way for nightime riding.

King Ludwig was especially fond of taking sleigh rides by moonlight… and had such reverance for the Moon that he liked to be called the “Moon King”, much as Louis XIV of France consdiered himself to be the “Sun King”.

There is a painting by R. Wenig of King Ludwig gliding through the night in a sleigh very much like this one.

One can see this painting. second down on the right.

Painting of Ludwig at Full Moon by R. Wenig

Elaborately carved wooden sleighs have also been found in ancient Scandinavian royal ship burials, namely the Oseberg ship burial…Scroll down to see one of these, just below.

One of the Osberg Sleighs from the Royal Ship Burial

What is Diversity?

A pink dolphin from the Amazon River.

What if people were trying to force and manipulate this dolphin to mix with gray bottlenose dolphins until there were no pink dolphins left? What if all the dolphins were being told- again and again- from a very early age on an underwater televsion set up by some sharks, who hate dolphins, that it is a good  thing that they not exist anymore and that there is no difference between pink  and grey dolphins anyway?


What if, because of this, the pink dolphin was down in numbers from 30 percent of the dolphin population to just 7 percent in a startlingly short period of time, and that if these trends continue, this variety of dolphin would soon be gone? Would this be a good thing for these dolphins or for anyone else?

Would anyone wanting to save the uniqueness of this group of dolphins be a “racist”?